Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Responsible Food Waste Disposal

Restaurants are in the business of making and serving delicious meals, but they have little control over how much your tummy can take. How often have you left a grilled tomato or some chips, a bit of salad or even a bit of cake on the plate? In most cases only 1 in five plates go back to the kitchen completely empty.

All of these left-overs get thrown into the trash, which eventually ends up in landfills, causing harmful carbon emissions, 25 times more than a plastic packet on the street. Tea bags and coffee grounds also get dumped in the rubbish. As do plenty of fresh food bits used in meal preparation, like peels, pits and skins. This is all organic waste that can be recycled into compost.

Instead of throwing into the trash can, Greenbin it so that you too can have a positive impact on the environment.

We provide you with a Greenbin, all you need to do is scrape all of your food scraps (raw or cooked) into the bin. Call us when you want the bin removed. We’ll do the rest.

Our Service Includes a Food Waste Audit

  • We will keep track of all your food waste
  • Calculate your contribution to reducing carbon emissions
  • Help you reduce your carbon footprint
  • All this will be included on a sleeve for your menu

You can let your patrons know that you’re an ethical and environmentally conscious business

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Some of our responsible Greenbinners