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What we do

Most people don’t have the time or capacity to sort through their rubbish. Many also don’t want to store it or compost it. We are taking this entire process off your hands and helping you to get rid of waste in an environmentally and sustainable way. We provide green solutions to both Commercial and Residential customers. Our services include:

  • The pick-up of food waste
  • Providing clean bins
  • Storing of food waste
  • The treatment of food waste
  • Scheduling and monitoring of anaerobic processes
  • Composting food waste

Green Bin is a 100% black owned South African company. We are an ethical, and socially responsible company passionate about the planet, uplifting communities and educating others to take an active role in preserving our natural resources.

How it Works

Our clients - Greenbinners making a difference:

The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the earth! Greenbin it and we will compost it. We use special bins and microbial activators to break down the food waste and slowly convert it into organic compost.

We run a quick assessment of your lifestyle, yes…. because there’s waste in everything we do and consume. We rummage through your bin & show you how Greenbin works. Professional audits are available for Restaurants and commercial enterprises.
We supply you with your first Greenbin and you’re good to go. Fill your bin with veggie scraps, old food and cooked leftovers. Place your Greenbin in a Fridge or Freezer until pickup day. We provide you with the list of everything that can go safely into your bin to be composted.
Schedule a pick up, daily, weekly or monthly. We will handle the rest. Leave your Greenbin outside for pick-up (on your selected day) and you will receive a clean Greenbin at each pick-up.
We put all your food waste through an organic process to break it down and turn into compost. This compost is provided to local farmers and consumers, thus putting nutrients back into their soil.

Get Started

Every single one of us has a carbon footprint, which means we each have a responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions. Whether you are a homeowner, chef, restaurant owner, eco-conscious kid, business owner, hospital or school tuckshop we need everyone to do their bit to save the planet. With Greenbin we make it so easy!


We are currently rolling out in Johannesburg. Watch this space as we grow!



Once a Week Pick Up – R250/month:

Two Times a Week Pick Up – R400/month:


Once a Week Pick Up – R350/month:

Two Times a Week Pick Up – R500/month:

Three Times a Week – R650/month:

Daily Pick Up – R850/month:

Contact Us

062 292 1675
Call us with enquiries or to schedule a pick-up.