Food Composting

We want to stop food from reaching landfill. Instead we want to put it back into

the earth. Food composting can reduce carbon emissions significantly and help

replenish degraded farming land. Food production removes valuable nutrients

from the soil. These nutrients are often not replenished organically. In most cases

farmers are forced to use artificial, oil based and chemical fertilizers.


Many of us don’t realize that we each have our own carbon footprint. In fact the

human race emits 100 times more carbon dioxide than all of the volcanoes


Which means that we each have a role to play in saving our environment.

But in South Africa, research shows that only 7% of the population is recycling

their dirt.

Food Waste Management

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What do you eat, what do you drink, what do you cook….we want to know what goes into your bin everyday


You select we collect. Pick up frequency depending on your needs


We rummage through your bin and show you how its done


We put all your food waste through an organic process to break it down and turn into compost

We Teach

Let us help you get started.

We run a quick assessment of your lifestyle, yes…. because there’s waste in everything we do and consume.

Once you get the hang of it, we supply you with the bins or packets and you’re good to go.

If you want to be more hands on, we supply the gloves and teach you how to do your own composting.

We Collect

It’s never ideal to have packets of waste paper and plastics or buckets of rotting

food lying around. Schedule a pick up, daily, weekly or monthly. We will handle

the rest.

We Compost

Don’t throw any of your food scraps into the bin. These little bits of veggies or

old food, cooked left overs that no one wants are all valuable to the earth.

Greenbin it, and we will compost it. We use special bins and microbial activators

to break down the food waste and slowly convert it into organic compost.